Friday, October 31, 2008

One thirty day experiment

So, in theory, I already lead a pretty low impact lifestyle. I commute to work by foot and run errands by bike. I recycle as much as I can, and feel guilty about what I cannot due to local "restrictions." I do not buy much except what I need. I do not throw much out preferring to give usable stuff away via freecycle or sell it on craigslist. But I have never figured out really how much I consume and how I can do more to use less. Hence this experiment, starting out as a thirty day trial in living as consciously as possible.

So what will this experiment entail? First I want to quantify what I am consuming and how much of that is being used versus how much is being thrown away. Second I want to find small changes that a person like myself can make which I can prove have an impact and obviously are things that I am not already doing. Finally I want to live as consciously as possible. This last item is probably more of a psychological experiment than an environmental one. When I make a purchase is it one that promotes sustainability? Is it a purchase that is necessary? Is it a consumable or is it an item that I will use for a long time?

Over the next few days I will give an overview of my situation and the daily challenges that arise in trying to live more sustainably than I do now. I appreciate feedback and any ideas about how I can do this better and with more efficacy.