Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh, how the time flies by...

So, um, how are you? Well, yeah, I've been one poor correspondent. I guess I have been busy.

Now that that awkwardness is over with, all forgiven, right? Sorry.

So what has happened since our noble start fell flat on its face? The results of the great trash experiment were probably not that astounding but a rather productive (saving) thing came out of it. We were not really able to reduce the amount of stuff we threw away. I think this mostly came from the fact that we just do not produce that much by comparison (more on that later). But by separating all of our trash a rather wonderful thing happened. We did not have to take a large plastic trash bag out that often. By the fact that we did not throw away food products in the main trash but collected them in a separate container kept the trash from smelling bad after a few days. Hence we were not forced to take it out several times a week. We did still have to clean out the "food" container pretty regularly but this was easily carried out to the trash and placed in one of the bags that our neighbor downstairs throws out. And since it is in a sealed container we could easily just place it outside and wait until an appropriate situation arose. So what did we save? Essentially we reduced the number of tall kitchen plastic bags that we use in any given month by at least 50 percent. Instead of throwing away partially empty bags a few times a week we now throw away a full bag maybe every two weeks.