Thursday, February 5, 2009

The big pile

Unfortunately our digital camera broke recently and I have no way of conveniently documenting certain things. The broken camera raises a few issues such as how can we get it fixed in a world that really has no services for repairing consumer electronics. (I say world but mean Laramie, I could probably send it off to the manufacturer but this might be more expensive than buying a new one. ) Our house seems to be littered with electronics that I refuse to throw away because although broken should still have some life in them. But that is not the point behind this post.

The topic here is a compost bin. I asked our landlord if he minded if I built a compost bin in the backyard. He seems to like me, for reasons which I do not understand, and said that "whatever [I] want to do is fine". So in order to accommodate the compostable waste that we had separated from the rest of the trash I built a fairly modest compost bin.

Being the cheap person I am, I did not want to spend any money on this project. So in typical fashion I went scrounging for materials. Fortunately for me this was easy to do. I located some old (and free) pallets that were being thrown away. My friend J and I would run into them on our typical Wednesday night stagger back from the bars. So borrowing a pickup Amy and I went over and threw 5 of them into the truck and we had some instant walls. I did need to go buy some twine as I had used all of mine up for another project. This was simply to hold everything together from the Laramie wind. I have been using the leaves from this fall (and probably many autumns past) to fill it periodically in addition to the household waste.

So far it has worked out quite well. The squirrels love it. Aldo the dog loves chasing the squirrels. And I do not feel guilty about throwing out leftover coffee grounds and avocado peels.
Some day, soon, I will post some pictures of these little projects. As soon as I get the camera fixed.

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