Friday, February 6, 2009

The way-off topic ad

I put the little ad-banner on the side bar because I was interested in finding out how Googles ad-sense program worked. And as an added bonus perhaps there would be environmentally friendly products that people could use. As most people probably find, it generally works pretty well. I guess though, either I need to post more or need to put some extra buzz words (and phrases) in here such as "earths climate change soon to bring despair to billions" or wind power generator production still controlled by Danish... As it is, for the last few days an ad for a plastic bag manufacturer has had its place on the site. Rather ironic I suppose as I am not fond of plastic bags and most assuredly do not, nor do I know anyone who would, need to buy them wholesale.

Maybe if I started talking about CAFE standards we could get some great deals on coffee.

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