Sunday, November 9, 2008

First trash day

After one week I finally took out the trash. And it was not nearly as bad as you think. The only trash I took out was 4.5 pounds of food scraps. After sitting on the counter for a week, the container (covered) did not look or smell bad at all.
It smelled much better than it would have if we had it in the regular trash which we would have taken out every few days in large plastic bags that were never quite full. Part of this may have been the coffee grounds that are in the waste. The other receptacles are still not full and being either plastic or paper do not have that typical "I have not taken out my trash in a week" scent.

Now I would really like to compost the food portion of our trash. But at the moment I do not have the time or the money to build a compost bin. (I might start scrounging for wood. But that takes some time and often I seem to get caught.) Plus, I am not exactly sure what to do with the compost once I get it. I do not have a garden and only a few plants. And as noted in yesterdays post, vegetable gardens are not overly popular around here. There is the additional problem that we would then have to separate out animal based scraps from vegetable based scraps. This would be a minor change, obviously, so if and when I get to create a compost system I will start doing that as well. If any one knows of a great small compost bin design or a construction site where I can snag some wood, I would greatly appreciate it.

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