Thursday, November 6, 2008

Laughter and ... what was that word...

Doing anything consciously takes effort when it is not a habit. And remembering to make a conscious effort to live more simply is even harder because although I wish it were a simple change it does cover interaction I have. Investigating everything you buy, use, consume, and eventually throw away is nearly a full time avocation. It has, over the last few days, become laughable the number of times I have to dig something out of the main trash can only to throw it in another. Or I have to walk back through the house to turn off a light that I left on. This will get easier with time as I develop more habits that lessen my impact on the environment. But in the mean time I will keep trying to find hints and small clues that will remind me of the changes I am trying to make. I am trying to make incremental changes. But there are a few things that we have always been told to do. Do not be wasteful of water, electricity, and heat. Make sure you really need something and will use it before you buy it. But the habits of walking out of a room without turning out the light are much more ingrained than one might think. So yes, I do forget to live actively from time to time, but I think with all experiments of this type, the success rate gets better over time. (And no I did not forget to post over the last few days, but simply ran out of time.)

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